• Dr. Veiko Karu

    Senior Project Manager for EIT Research and Development Projects

    Tallinn University of Technology

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    Dr. Karu (PhD in Power Engineering and Geotechnology, TalTech) is the head of the Mining and Mineral Technology Division at TalTech Department of Geology. He is a member of the National Mining and Geological Societies and the International Society of Mining Professors.

    His experience in international projects and cooperation (Horizon 2020; INTERREG, etc) with a system thinking approach is valuable when building business cases (research; development; international courses) for a circular economy in the raw materials sector.


    As a Senior Project Manager at TalTech for Horizon 2020, Horizon Europa and EIT Raw Materials, Dr. Karu and his team are open to solving the challenges in the raw materials sector.

    TalTech is a core member of EIT Digital and EIT Raw Materials, where the team is partnering in a total of 44 projects (since 2016). Every technology needs raw materials, to secure the supply of the raw materials, entrepreneurs need to follow responsible sourcing models and secure social licenses to operate.


    Dr. Veiko Karu can also share information on how to validate the business case and further development through various available accelerator programs in Europa.


    Dr. Veiko Karu research interests and technical competencies include mining engineering and design, mineral economics, mining environmental impact and remediation, mine waste management, circular economic and social sustainability, quantitative resource evaluation, and ESG management.