• Dr. Bertrand Fillon

    Vice President of European Affairs of CEA Tech

    French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission

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    As a Vice President of European Affairs of CEA Tech for renewable energy (photovoltaic, hydrogen, fuel cells, batteries), micro-electronics, digital, industry 4.0, circular economy and materials, Dr. Fillon defines, organizes and follows CEA Tech's international project portfolio.


    He is the president of The European Composites, Plastics and Polymer Processing Platform (ECP4) and represents EuPC (European Plastic Converters) on the ECP4 Board.


    Dr. Fillon is also the head of the scientific committee of the French polymer cluster Polymeris and the French Plastic institute; he is a scientific advisor of the French Polymer Group (GFP) and of the CRITT MDTS in France.

    He is on the scientific committee of the OE-A (Organic Electronic Association). He has been on the board of NANOfuture, EMIRI, 4M, etc.


    He worked as a General Director of Research at the French Plastic Institute (2016-2019), and as a VP of European Affairs and program manager of renewable energy at CEA/LITEN (2003-2016).


    From 1990 to 2003, he was a coordinator of the Global Packaging R&D activities and a leader of the polymer expert group at Pechiney Packaging. Before, Dr. Fillon worked for Orkem as a research engineer of polymer extrusion. He has a number of technical publications, books co-authorships and patents in the field of polymer packaging and processes.